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By Frank Jamerson

"If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God..." 1Peter 4:11

Christian Living The Godhead Bible Authority

Two Men and Temptation

Which God Should we Serve?

The Glorious Covenants

Have You Noticed?

The Nature of Christ

Jesus and Hermeneutics

Reciprocal Action

The Deity of Christ

The Apostles and Hermeneutics

Forgiving and Forgetting

Led by the Spirit    

Hermeneutics and Silence

Situation Ethics

The Godhead and the Nature of Jesus 

Hermeneutics and Modernism

Your Taste Buds

Godhead-Trinity Chart

Law and Love


Blasphemy Against the Spirit


The Godhead and Baptism in the Name of Christ


Baptism In The Name of Christ


Instrumental Music in Church 

The Church


Baptist Preacher and Instrumental Music 

Church and Churches

Salvation and Works

Old Light on New Worship  

Church Kitchens and Gymnasiums

Justification by Works

Does Instrumental music Enhance Worship?

Ashamed of the Gospel

Faith In Romans

Answers to Defenses of Instrumental Music

Same Arguments - Different Organizations

When Does One Die to Sin?

Importance of Singing

The Mirror of a Movement

John 3:16 on the War Path

Church Discipline

May the church do what Jesus did?

The Great Salvation

Church Discipline is a Command

Social Meals

Baptism, then what?

Duty Towards the Disciplined

Is Benevolence Evangelism?

Does God Hear Prayers of Sinners?


Is The Church of Christ a Denomination?

Great Faith


Salvation by Grace




Death Frees



The Lord's Supper

The Question of God

Is All Service Worship?

Notes on Sunday Night Communion

The Pursuit of Pleasure

Contemporary Worship

The One Cup Doctrine

Is Death our Destiny?

Worship Versus Showtime




70 A.D. Doctrine   

Is The Book of Mormon another Testament of Christ?

The Christian and the Sabbath

Response to 70 A.D. Doctrine

Change in the Book of Mormon

Letter - Answering an Adventist

Reply to Letter Defending 70 A.D. Doctrine

Celestial Marriage

The Seventh Day Theory

Response to a Letter

Baptism for the Dead

The Day of Resurrection

A Study of the 70 A.D. Doctrine

The Priesthood & Mormonism



Divorce and Remarriage


Date Setters

Except for Fornication


Is the Kingdom Composed of Animals?

Notes from Jerry Moffitt's review of James Bales' Position


The Lamb and the Lion

Questions On Divorce and Remarriage



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