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Frank Jamerson

   Have you ever noticed that when a man gets new car fever the old car all of a sudden falls apart? The paint looks terrible, it rattles all over and the motor probably will need overhauling. Often, the truth is that the old car is not so bad—he just wants a new one!

   Have you ever noticed that when a man gets interested in some other woman, his wife suddenly has all kinds of short-comings? She always complains, never cooked or cleaned to suit him and he probably never loved her anyway. Do you know the real problem? He wants someone else and is looking for justification for his actions!

   Have you ever noticed that when a man gets dissatisfied with the church, he goes through the same kind of rationalizations? All at once, no one is friendly, they offended my children, and I never did fit in anyway. Do you know the real problem? He has decided to make a change and is looking for an excuse!

   The truth is that the old car does have imperfections, but it is paid for and if it were cleaned and tuned up it would probably be satisfactory. The old wife (or husband) does have imperfections, but if you looked for the good and worked on the problems, the relationship would probably go more smoothly. Likewise, the old church is composed of human beings who are not perfect, but if the problems were dealt with in God’s way, most of them would be resolved soon.

            One more thought. Have you ever noticed that the fellow who gets the new car, soon has similar problems? Likewise, the man who gets the new wife soon finds imperfections in her, and the one who looks for a new church soon finds that it is composed of imperfect human beings also? One more thought—did you ever notice where the main problem was all along?  


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