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Midway Church of Christ

The Midway Church of Christ had its beginning in the summer of 1961.

A tent meeting was held in Greenhill, Alabama, to check the interest of those who might become a core group to start the new work. Carroll Sutton did the preaching.

Several families who attended the meeting expressed an interest in starting a new work. Their first meeting was held in a small building owned by Bosh Springer. Granville Allen became their first preacher. It wasn't long until the group purchased the land where the present building sets.

Brethren Jim Allen and LeRoy Tucker took the leadership in building a small building in which to meet. In a few years they outgrew that building. Robert Presnell, a contractor and part time gospel preacher, took the leadership in building the thirty by fifty feet auditorium with classrooms in the back and restrooms in the front. This building served the needs of the group for several years.

From the beginning several part-time preachers worked with Midway. In 1978 Raymond Harville became their first full-time preacher. Raymond and his family worked with Midway for ten years. The attendance grew to about 60.

In 1988, Raymond left and Johnny Felker came to work with Midway as their second full-time preacher. Johnny and his family stayed about eleven years. During this time, in 1994-1995, Johnny and  Harold Young took the lead and,  along with the rest of the men of the congregation built the present, beautiful auditorium and converted the old auditorium into classrooms. The new auditorium will seat about two hundred and forty people. In 1997 additional land, adjacent to the property, was purchased for future growth.

Not long after Johnny left Rufus Clifford III came to work with Midway as their third full-time preacher. Rufus worked with Midway for a little over four years.

In June of 2004 Frank Jamerson came to work with Midway as their fourth full-time preacher. Due to illness Frank retired from full time preaching in the fall of 2011. As his health allowed he continued to preach on Sunday mornings.

Dan McMahan became the preacher in March of 2012.  Dan preached at Midway for 7 years.




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