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Bible Authority
Do we need another gospel? Should we argue about religion? What does "be silent" mean?
Do you believe the Old Testament? Do believers have law? How do you know the Bible is right?
Does emotion establish truth? Is emotionalism reliable? Does the end justify the means?
Do we need miraculous revelations? Do we need another gospel? Do we need new revelations?
Is God revealing new truth? Can we understand Godís word? What is "that which is perfect"?
Why is the Bible so difficult? What is emotionalism? How is the Gospel revealed?
What is the perfect? How do we show love? How did Jesus establish Bible authority?
How did Spirit guided men establish authority? Does God speak to people today? Did Jesus say to leave error alone?
What is splitting hairs? Why did he leave the Christian Church? Should churches be involved in politics?
Did he go to heaven or to hell? Did God promise His people land? Should churches appoint deaconesses?
What draws people to Christ? Is the church on a detour? Should we follow tradition?

Do we need a new way to establish authority?

Should we observe Christmas? How did Jesus establish Bible authority?
How did Spirit-guided men establish Bible authority? Does silence give consent? How did Satan use Scripture?
Will Christ reign on earth for 1,000 years? Did Jesus argue over religion? Did Jesus destroy, or fulfill the Law?
Did Jesus Go To Hell? Is Jesus God? Who is the First and the Last?
Is Jesus God II What does ďno creed but ChristĒ mean? Does the Bible Teach a Trinity?
Was Jesus Created as an Angel? Was Jesus created, or the Creator? What did Jesus give up?
What Will Happen When Jesus Returns? Where is Jesus today? What does Immanuel mean?
Who was Michael? Why did Jesus use a whip? Why did they call Him Jesus?
What if Christ had not died? Why did people follow Christ?

Did Jesus engage in controversy?

What is baptism in the name of Christ? What is the baptism of fire? What is the baptism of the Spirit?
Did you say baptism only? Where does the Bible say not to? Is salvation by faith only?
Who received Holy Spirit Baptism? #2 What is acting in the name of Jesus? Why didnít Abraham keep the Sabbath?
Why was Cornelius baptized in water? Which "Version" Do You Believe? Does baptism guarantee salvation?
Should babies be baptized?    
Holy Spirit
What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?  Did you get your handkerchief? Is the Holy Spirit simply an active force?
Is the Holy Spirit God? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit lead?
What is praying with the spirit and understanding? Did all believers have miraculous power? What do you do with 1 Corinthians 14:39?
Should we pray for the sick? What did Simon, the sorcerer see? Is it wrong to judge?
What does it mean to abide in Christ? Is an ecstatic utterance speaking in a tongue?  
Is Jesus on Davidís Throne? Has Godís Kingdom been established? Has the Kingdom been established?
Will the Gospel tame wild animals? When was Christís kingdom established?  
What was the mark of the beast? What is the meaning of 666? What is the meaning of 666? II
Who are the 144,000?    
Salvation of the Lost
Who received Holy Spirit baptism? How many baptisms today? What did God predestinate?
Can we be saved like the thief? What did Simon say? What is the sinnerís prayer?
What is the sinnerís prayer? II What about the thief on the cross? Does man's souls continue to exist?
What Must One Confess To Be Saved? What is repentance? Are children born with the guilt of sin?
Who are the elect? Was the sacrifice of Christ limited? What about Irresistible Grace?
What does the word baptize mean? What is the new birth? Can a saved person fall from grace?
Will there be degrees of punishment? What is the Roman road to salvation? How does one enter Godís family?
Who will enter the kingdom of heaven? Does God credit sins to His children?

Do Christians lose their free will?

Was the apostle John secure? What kind of faith saves? Are babies born with the guilt of sin?
What does death mean? What will happen on the last day? Will preachers be judges?


Can eternal life be forfeited? Did Paul have assurance of salvation? What does it mean to forsake Christ?
Church Foolishness
May the church do every good work? Is your church on a detour? Should churches provide recreation?
What is the mission of the church? How should the church attract people? What if the social hall is in the basement?
Does Jesus need a new cart? Should churches build social halls? What is fellowship?
What is wrong with a church gym? Am I responsible for what I fellowship? What is fellowship?
What is pragmatism? Should churches be selling Adamís ribs? Why is apostasy progressive?
Will Christ reign in Jerusalem? Will Christ sit on David's throne in Jerusalem? Does the kingdom of God exist?
Will wild beasts be tamed in the kingdom? Did Jesus give signs for the second coming? What will happen when Jesus returns?
Will we meet in the rapture? Is the church heavenly, or earthly?

What is ďend timeĒ speculation?

Sin and Suffering
Does God send suffering?    
The Church
What is - calling Bible things by Bible names? What is ďa congregation of the church of ChristĒ? Does the church of Christ have a head?
What is the Lordís money?    
Is one worship as good as another? What is the purpose of the Lordís Supper? How does the church raise money?
What is the Lordís day? Is worship ďshow-timeĒ? Is Church Attendance Essential?
What are the "love feasts"?

Is this worship?

What is Contemporary Worship?

Second Coming


How many bodily resurrections will there be?

When will the Lord return?

The New Covenant
When did the New Covenant go into effect? Why did Jesus come to the world?  


Did God promise His people land? Who is the Israel of God today? Will Jesus reign on Davidís throne in Jerusalem?
70 A.D. Doctrine
What will happen to the earth?

Was the second coming in 70 A.D.?


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